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About College

The institute is located in the 1/2 & 4/1, P.O. Girgaon, Near Airforce Station, near bus stand and Railway Station.

Maharaja Agrasen Private ITI College Gwalior,It was established in 2014 under Society registered in March 1966, under Societies Registration Act 1860 which has been created . The objective and purpose of the society is to conduct and promote constructive activities to promote village uplift work and rural reconstruction so that those living in the villages are enable to lead a richer and fuller life and to better the life of poorer section of the society so that they may be able to play their rightful role in the community and give their best to the country.Keeping these objective as a target the society is continuously making efforts for the high quality of education through schools and institutions. aim to provide education to rural & Down Trodden areas.


Maharaja Agrasen Private ITI College Gwalior has an objective to conduct and promote constructive activities for development of school and institutions and is committed to quality education for all the sections of society. Extending opportunities through various activities, the society supports the development of institutions to cater the need of local rural youths and nearby industries. The society is intended to bridge the gap and promote academic excellence; the society contributes to endeavors that develop better services for all. The institute will be an open-door, comprehensive institution of technical education to provide youths especially rural masses an opportunities for educational, economic, professional, social and personal development. The institute will educate and train students to provide an effective work force to support economic growth and community development through its focus on teaching and service.


Our Values will be Education, Commitment to Students, Excellence, and Diversity which are the important parts of the educational process. Efforts shall be made to :-

1. Create teaching and learning environments to foster student access and success.
2. Engage students in holistic development experiences for professional growth.
3. Promote the College as a regional leader of excellence. Achieve an institute of excellence through integrated planning, budgeting and assessment systems.
4. Deploy technology systems to enhance student learning, improve services and achieve administrative efficiency..